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Scotland voter registration resources

Scotland voter registration resources

On this page you can find resources to promote voter registration in Scotland.

General voter registration resources

Voter registration email signature (JPEG)

Digital banner (MPU)

Voter registration posters/flyers (A5, A4, A3, DL) (zip)

Social media graphics

All social media graphics are available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Just turned 16 (zip)

Recently moved or never registered? (zip)

All you need is five minutes and your National Insurance number (zip)

Registering to vote can improve your credit rating (zip)

Look out for the annual canvass (zip)

Your vote is your voice  (zip)

Social media posts

  • Voting in elections and referendums is one way you can get involved with democracy. Make sure you can have your say by registering to vote at #YourVoteMatters
  • Voting is a great way to take part in democracy but you must be registered. Make sure you register now so you can have your say #YourVoteMatters
  • Recently moved house? To be able to vote you’ll need to register at your new address. Take a break from unpacking and register now #YourVoteMatters
  • Did you know that registering to vote can help improve your credit rating? Register now #YourVoteMatters
  • Just turned 16? Make sure you’re registered to vote. All you’ll need is 5mins and your National Insurance number #YourVoteMatters

Annual canvass

Template press release for Scotland

Social media posts

Before or as forms are being sent out

  • We want to make sure we have the right details on the electoral register. We’ll soon be sending forms to check – look out for yours and don’t lose your voice in elections!
  • Look out for a form asking you to check you’re on the electoral register. They’ll be dropping through letterboxes soon!
  • It’s annual canvass time! Forms to check whether you’re on the electoral register will be arriving soon. Look out for yours and make sure you don’t lose your voice!
  • Residents of <insert area> will soon be receiving some important voter registration info. Look out for yours!
  • Make sure that you’re registered to vote correctly and can have your say in important elections by checking the form that will be on its way to homes across <area> soon

After forms have been sent

  • Have you received your annual canvass form? Don’t forget to check it and return it to us as soon as you can so you can have your say on matters that are important to you!
  • Don’t forget to send back your annual canvass form letting us know who lives at your address. If you don’t, you may not be able to vote in important elections.
  • Are you missing from the household enquiry form? Let us know so that you can vote in future elections!
  • Something missing? If your details don’t appear on your annual canvass form then add them and return the form to us as soon as you can.