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Registering to vote with a protected National Insurance Number

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When you register to vote, you are required to provide your National Insurance Number, or give a reason why one cannot be provided.

This is to help the local council confirm that the person registering to vote is who they say they are. It is intended to make the system more secure.

What if I have a protected National Insurance Number?

Your National Insurance number does not appear on the electoral register. It is required as part of the application process in order to confirm your identity.

If you have a protected National Insurance Number to protect your identity, and do not want to provide your National Insurance Number for this reason, you must specify this in your application to register. You are then likely to be asked to provide documentary evidence to confirm your identity.

How can I register?

In order to be registered, your local council will need to confirm your identity. They can do this either by confirming against local records or by you providing documentary evidence.

When registering to vote, you will be asked if you have changed your name. If you have, providing your previous name will increase the chances of the identity check being successful.

If your local council is unable to confirm your identity against local records they will follow up with you to ask for documentary evidence to prove your identity. To make this process quicker, you can provide an email address during the registration process.

Information held on the electoral register will only be shared for the purposes set out under electoral law.

You can register online at