Mae safle Dy Bleidlais Di yn defnyddio cwcis i hwyluso eich profiad. Caewch y blwch yma i dderbyn, neu ewch i'n tudalen cwcis i gael mwy o wybodaeth.


Ym mha etholiadau alla i bleidleisio?

Ddim yn siŵr os allwch chi bleidleisio yn yr etholiadau yn eich ardal chi? Yma mae gwybodaeth ynghylch pwy sy'n gymwys ar gyfer gwahanol etholiadau.

Whether or not you can vote at certain elections can depend on a number of things.

Here you can find out which elections you are eligible to vote in.


In England, Northern Ireland and Wales you must be 18 or over on polling day to vote.

In Scotland you must be 16 or over on polling day to vote in local elections and elections to the Scottish Parliament. You must be 18 to vote in elections to the UK Parliament and European Parliament.


British, Irish, Commonwealth, British Overseas Territory and British Crown Dependency citizens

British, Irish, and qualifying Commonwealth citizens who are living in the UK can vote in all elections taking place that cover the area where they live.

European Union Citizens

Citizens of the European Union (who are not Citizens of the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus or Malta) living in the relevant countries, regions or areas of the UK are eligible to vote in:

Note: EU citizens (who are not Citizens of the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus or Malta) are not able to vote in UK Parliament elections.

Who is not eligible to vote in elections in the UK?

You are not able to vote in elections in the UK if…

  • you aren't a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • you are a convicted person detained in pursuance of your sentence, excluding contempt of court (though remand prisoners, unconvicted prisoners and civil prisoners can vote if they are on the electoral register)
  • you have been found guilty within the previous five years of corrupt or illegal practices in connection with an election